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About the School

Certification programs and courses provides instruction for students to become knowledgeable historians, researchers, community activist, and indigenous Law practitioners- national & international.



Heritage Studies


HS1 -Intro to Indigenous American Heritage-  

Learn about the tremendous culture and civilization developed by black American Ancestors in America before discovery by explorers in the 1500’s. How the tremendous wealth of resources are the foundation used to create power for the United States today. This course will enable a Black American person to understand, recognize and respect their humanity as Black American people, release distorted negative attitudes towards their community and start to identify and respect what is unique about there culture and their belonging to their culture. Program is recommended for Indigenous person interested in the Social Service and Human resource development service.

HS-2 Tradition, Customs, Philosophy of Anasazi Peoples: Students learn the foundation for indigenous traditions, and how they are done.

History Studies

IHS-1- Understanding Conquest:  What does it mean to be considered a conquered people? Most people would be surprised to know how it is actually done. The program addresses issues created by the process of Conquest. The student will learn to identify the fundamental methods, systems and how they are developed and applied to gaining control of a collective of people. The course also looks at methods used in the past, present and what new methods are being developed today for implementation in the future.

IHS-1a PT 1- The use of word as Conquest  Power: Student will learn the origins and development of semantics and the use of the word as weapons of conquest. This course will uncover the trail of European word definitions starting with Columbus over the last 500 years used in America to reference the ethnic terms for the Negro race and their civilizations.

IHS- 1b PT 2- Intro to Capitalism: Student will learn how the system was developed and  what is necessary for the system to work. wealth vs riches.. Investigate the methods for taking wealth to create riches results in systematic genocide thru psychological manipulation.


IHS2-PT 3- Into to Slavery:  Students study the ideology of slavery, purpose for, different forms of, administration of, effects from, the system of slavery.

IHS-2a PT 3a- The Plantation System: How it works -the cultivation of captivity living in freedom. pre requiste Intro into Slavery.

 IHS-3 New-The history of Homogenous and its development into a social culture

Students will research and study the formulation of Patriarchal ideology, and its development into a social culture .

IHS-4 -NEW- Subliminal Racism-This course is for students- who desire a indepth look at how we are collectively being sublimely program to be passive, invalidate our right to live on Earth,  and internalize self hate thru media commercials everyday every where. Students will examine how to expose an array of messages being sent to trick people of the Earth into abandon their inherited Nature.


Indigenous Political Science Studies   


IPS-1-Fundamentals for Indigenous Rights- The course reveals the international context for indigenous rights registration? Why indigenous rights are important. What all indigenous people around the world have at stake? The globalization into global consumers using the international community? What is the People’s of America position to the world community?

Pre- requisite for Indigenous Certification Program/ facilitator’s training 


IPS-2- Understanding the 14th Amendment to the U. S.: Constitution

The course will focus on the legal status of so the called African Americans in the united States as it relates to the passage and ratification of the U. S. Constitution. We will focus on the current status of Indigenous people via the 14th Amendment t which frame the basis of citizenship privileges and immunities, Civil Rights, Voter Rights, and etc.” Class attendees will be challenged to question all they think they know and walk away informed, enlightened, and with a new perspective of what the truth really is rather than the lies they have been trained to believe.

 Pre-requisite Reading: Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution,13th Amendment.

IPS-3- Understanding the 14th Amendment to the U. S.: Constitution

The course will help open the eyes of indigenous people regarding the system(s) of America’s jurisprudence utilized to rob, penalize, and enslave through voluntary agreements. Student will be able to clearly “overstand” their earth rights unconnected to any so-called constitutional and civil rights and why earth rights supersede any system of mankind rights.