School of Ancient Wisdom & Healing Arts




Our Purpose:
The School of Ancient Wisdom & Healing Arts offers training in Ancestral concepts of Indigenous Consciousness and Indigenous Healing Arts

School of Ancient Wisdom


Indigenous Ministry of the Soul Program-2 years
This program is for people who would like to become ministers of indigenous consciousness using Earth principals as their ministry and counseling therapy.

These courses are also prerequisite for The Indigenous Fundamentals Teacher Certification Programs and The Indigenous Minister of the Soul Program .

IF-1 Indigenous Fundamentals I

Intro to Life Concepts
Introduction to basics planetary life function and purposes. A student will learn the working of Nature and the basic laws that govern the cycles. This course is a prerequisite for Indigenous Fundamentals Teacher Certification and Indigenous Minister of the Soul and Indigenous Life Counselor Program.

IF-2 Indigenous Fundamentals II
6:30 pm-9:30

 Concepts of Social biology 
Introduction to how planetary life function and implements it purpose thru social behavior. A student will learn the how the laws of nature are implemented thru collective interaction.

School of Healing Arts

Indigenous Healers Program

May 20- October 26 2017

New Indigenous Massage Therapy (Program starting soon)

Level 1 – Introduction to the Anomony of the Body, and How Body Systems Operate

Level 2 – How to Interpret Energy Vibrations

Level 3 – Basic Massage Modalities

Level 4 – Reflexology


Sacred Feminine Workshops Series

AW-002- The Sacred Feminine A series of courses, workshops designed to help Indigenous females to breakthrough colonial mental conditioning and connect with their female nature with the Earth and femaleness.

AW-002a Exploring the Way Females Think

How are females wired? Why we l think/ live like men in female bodies?

AW002-b – The Joy of Being  Female Finding , recognizing and experiencing the joy of being female, embracing the joy life gives for just being you.

AW-002c – Relationships

Examining our relationships and how they are used to blackmail us into accepting the repression of JOY life has for us.

HA-1 Introduction to Harmonic Medicine and Indigenous Sound Healing
Harmonic medicine links ancient sciences and arts with 21st century healing methods and tools. This holistic modality uses sound and vibration to heal the body, mind and spirit.Sound healing seeks to harmonize and balance the cellular body, psyche, and soul and to reconnect the individual with the natural rhythms, pulses, cycles, and flows of our worlds, bridging, balancing, and harmonizing the inner and outer universes.