Indigenous Compency Certification Program



ICC Program course dates

Dates and Times-

Once  application is accepted Automatic enrollment into ICCP.  ICCP offers 4 choices for  program  startup dates and times.

Morning programs are held on Tuesday and Wednesday morning –

Time 9 am-11.30 est
Evening program  are Tuesday& Wednesday Evening

Time-6.30-9 pm est . Program  is 40 weeks.

Our Indigenous education curriculum designed to meet and exceed the international standard in primary indigenous traditional knowledge education.
The Indigenous Certification Curriculum consists of 4 basic areas of studies in Indigenous traditional knowledge a person must know before they can be recognized “legally” as a indigenous American in the US… Upon completion a person/family is registered with the America Heritage Registry as a Indigenous American.

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Indigenous Traditional Knowledge course descriptions

1.Introduction to Indigenous Fundamentals

Intro to basic self awareness for who we are,, what we are, where we belong. , our connection to Earth, how do we work as a species of Earth. and much more- 5 weeks

2. Indigenous Principles , Ethnics and Customs
Students will learn how we work with the nature of our creation on Earth. how life consciousness works in our nature…

3 .Indigenous Civics
Students will learn how the colonel world was created from the past to the present , how we have been socialized into our present life condition . Opening one awareness to regain their natural socialization conscious..

4. Indigenous Rights & Law
Students will learn about international and national legislation applied to rights and protections of fundamental rights of indigenous Americans..What our people need to know for interfacing the imperial legal system as a indigenous person with rights and protections

Indigenous Ceremonies and Graduation Retreat

Once all course work is completed, All America Heritage Candidates for registration are required  to learn and participate in their Ancestral Heritage Cultural Ceremonies with our Earth. The graduation retreat is offered twice a year. Yumwija is located in Princeton, West Virginia .. Logistics to FIAAH@Yumwija and Hotel Lodging will be made available .