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The Institute for Indigenous ‘ American” Studies supports Indigenous American People ( free or in captivity) self determination in their quest to returning to their inherited natural connection to planetary” Earth consciousness” by offering Indigenous Traditional Knowledge education .

The Institute offers knowledge from our American Indian Heritage combined with contemporary historical facts, insights of the last 500 years and research about the past 5000 years on Earth.. The curriculum allows an Indigenous American student to articulate the complete picture of our Indigenous American Peoples of the Western Hemisphere experience of the past, present, and outlook for the future of our collective viability on Our Earth.

The courses and programs offered Online from the Institute for Indigenous American Studies are the first to tackle the mental shackles of ignorance created from the lack of educational information omitted from Indigenous American education (Public school) systems prohibiting generations of Indigenous Americans to define in a scholastic paradigm the experience of their peoples since European introduction and invasion of the Western Hemisphere.

We encourage all AHR registrants to continue with self study, research and become a part of the educational movement to empower our people with knowledge of SELF as a PEOPLE.

” Traditional knowledge is the Key that allows one to process information effectively into  pro-action”.

Ambassador ” RaDine  A. Harrison

Schools of Study

School of Ancient Wisdom & Healing Arts
School of Education
School of Heritage, History and Political Science
School of Sustainable Development & Technology