Connection to Land and Trust Application II


This Course is a continuation of the Intro to law class and an introduction to trust land Management. This class will provide a direct application example of how using the rights protected by the law are used and applied to maintain your indigenous status. Many Indigenous and melanated people have been taken advantage of in North America because of their lack of knowledge in the area of Asset Management. We will cover how trusts are an important part of an effective asset management program. The ability to incorporate a trustee or related position is a key part of this system and will make it easier to thrive and not just live. Specific areas covered in this course are: Commercial Law,

Entity classification, Jurisdiction in commerce, Indigenous Business, Asset & Land Management, Trusts & Estates. These areas are being shared and explained based on having a basic understanding of law as covered in completion of the level 1 course. We will cover the basics of each area listed above and give examples of there applications in a comprehensive Asset management structure. Earth is one of our most precious resources and we have been ill equipped to protect it in the colonial commercial system. This course is designed to put you on course to use the tools available to maximize protection of Property. We thrive when we have Earth to live on that is in balance with our well being.


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