Indigenous Healers Program




Indigenous Healers Program

What is the Indigenous Healers Program

 The Indigenous Healer Program is 26 week program living with the Earth as the laboratory and practicum. A candidate experiences living thou a complete  Life cycle of nature  @ Yumwija. Starting in May- October.

Candidate will learn how to work with all processes of nature to create healing remedies to support indigenous health and our Earth soil connected to it..  Canidate will be able to recognize plants growing around them in their communities that will rebuild  our peoples life support directly from Earth. The program is a hands on , with  integration of  study  from the western approach of anatomy
Program  courses  in  Naturapathy includes:
Anatomy and Physiology
Massage therapy
Indigenous horticulture
Forging/ plant identification
Indigenous healing techniques  and much more….

What is an Indigenous Healer?

A Indigenous Healer is a indigenous person whom has knowledge about  the organic processes of “ nature” who can assist other indigenous person in their process of   uniting/rebuilding the Earth consciousness  body  within the physical  body and teaching  how to maintain ones health using indigenous remedies  created from the Earth  to bring the body back in balance with life on the Earth .


Candidate requirements

·       For Program candidate consideration:

·       Candidate must submit:

·       Essay explaining why “you” should be considered

·       What does being an “Indigenous” person mean to you?

·       If accepted How would you apply the knowledge to help your indigenous community.

·       Why is this opportunity to learn how to work from the power of Earth.

·       A candidate must be in good general health

·       Candidate must be willing to live with the Earth for 6 months .

·       Cost 2500.00 if accepted financial payment plan must be accepted.

·      Deposit required 750.00  after $100.00 per week.