Course Catalog


ICC Program Course Schedule 2017

Program Duration 40 weeks

Morning programs

 Tuesday -Registering Now– Starts February 6,

Wednesday– Registering now.. Starts   January 31,

Time 9 am-11.30 est

Evening program

Tuesday-open for registration –  February 13,

Wednesday – Closed for registration

Time-6.30-9 pm est .


Post Graduate Studies


School of Ancient Wisdom &Healing Arts

 Ministry Of The Soul Program 

Call office to be placed on roster , Program starts in October.

 1st year Program requirements

 IF-1 Indigenous Fundamentals Il – 12 weeks

IF-2 Indigenous Fundamentals IIl – 12 weeks

School of Healing Arts

 Indigenous Healer Program

May 21- October 27 2018

New Indigenous Massage Therapy

(Program starting  June 4 – August-24 ( 12 weeks)

Level 1 – Introduction to the Antimony  of the Body, and How Body Systems Operate

Level 2 – How to Interpret Energy Vibrations

Level 3 – Basic Massage Modalities

Level 4 – Reflexology


School of Education

Teacher Certification Program

 Candidate training starts with Indigenous Competency Certification  Program  dates. Contact office for more info

School of Heritage, History & Political Science

Heritage Studies


HS-1 -Intro to Indigenous American Heritage

 5 week Course; Monday -TBA

HS-2 Tradition, Customs, Philosophy of Anasazi People

5 week Course; Monday- October 10- Nov 7th  ,  Jan 9th- February 6th



History Studies


IHS-1- Understanding Conquest

5 week Course, TH- Dec 1st – Dec 29th

IHS-1a PT 1- The use of word as Conquest  Power

5 week Course  Thur-Jan 5th- February 2nd

IHS- 1b PT 2- Intro to Capitalism

5 week Course; Thur- Febuary 9- March 9th

IHS2-PT 3- Into to Slavery

5 week Course,  Thur- March16th-April 13th

HS-3 New-The History of Homo genius and its Development into a Social Culture

April 20th-May18th

IHS-2a PT 3a- The Plantation System


HS-4 – Subliminal Racism

5 week Course ThursdayTBA



Indigenous Political Science Studies

IPS-1-Fundamentals for Indigenous Rights

 Thursday October 27- Nov 24th-6:30-9:00pm

IPS-2- Understanding the 14th Amendment to the U. S.: Constitution

5 week Course,  Nov 5th- March 14th

PS-2- Understanding the 14th Amendment to the U. S.: Constitution

5 week Course  Dec 12th- May 2nd

School of Sustainable Development & Technology

Traditional Indigenous Building- TBA  to find out about the project of the year  go to Yumwija summer schedule for dates.


AW-002- The Sacred Feminine
Saturday January 8th 6:30 -9:30 -6:30-9:30

AW-002a Exploring the Way Females Think

Saturday January 15th 6:30 -9:30 workshop
AW002-b – The Joy of Being
Saturday January 22nd  6:30-9:30

AW-002c – Relationships
Saturday Jan 29th,  5:30-9:30
HA-1 Intro to Harmonic Sound Healing
Sunday  TBA,12pm-2pm
F6- Intro-Environment Health
1-day; Sunday, TBA – 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

F7- Intro-Community Health Empowerment 
1-day; Sunday,TBA – 6:00 – 8:00 p.m