Institute for Indigenous America Studies has 2 Locations for Indigenous  learning thru Living

Yumwija Campus  in West Virginia, USA  and Luk MaKoo Campus in Belize, Central America.


Our Campus at Yumwija, WV, USA – operates from  May to Nov 1st.

Offers following Programs:

Indigenous Healers Program

Indigenous  Horticulture Program

Indigenous  Architectural Building







Weekend Retreats /Indigenous Ceremonies Dance and Drumming





 Our Campus in Belize

Luk Makoo campus , Belize CA  operates fron Nov 15th – May 1st 


The Luk Makoo  Belize CA campus  offers the  Indigenous American living experience program  The Indigenous America living experience program is for  students with Amerindian heritage  seeking to fully experience  living from their ancestral   Amerindian life consciousness and culture. The Indigenous America living curriculum is an integrated  living experience  for hands on  learning and practicum in ancient Amerindian heritage culture skills  and building technology for living as a part of natural culture of Earth. The  curriculum includes, drumming, Indigenous  health, dance, indigenous horticulture, pottery, traditional ceremonial and spiritual arts,  as well as   Earth building technology  .

IIAS Belize Campus is situated on 4 acres, located on the International Southern highway in Mafredi,  Belize


The Luk Makoo House

Located  Mafredi Village, Toledo District, Belize, Central America


 “The Clay People”

The sun is about to rise and we need to awaken and prepare  got the one who nourishes us and remember the old days of our culture.

How else can we be sure that we will be involved and remembered on Our Earth..

Let’s try again to make intelligent and respectful creations and beauty that will sustain us and sing about our ARTS.