Admission Requirements
Enrollment with the Institute is not open to the public at large. Requirements for student enrollment:

1. A person must qualify to be registered for the America Heritage Registry


American Heritage Registry Qualifications

 *You must identify your grandmothers maiden name from your fathers and mothers side

1.You must include a copy of your birth certificate with application.

2. A passport photo of yourself.

3.For certification you must submit verification of blood type. Due after ICC training.

4. Once your application is received and eligibility accepted, you will be requested to enroll into the Indigenous Competency Program (ICCP) for training in indigenous traditional knowledge

* Note: Original birth Certificates and Blood type verification must be presented before and after completion of Indigenous Certification Program for completion of Registration. i.e: medical records, blood done card, etc.

5. People over the age of 70 are not required to take the Indigenous Certification class, they must complete heritage registration requirements and can register their families into the data base.

Children up to 18 years old are free with parents.

2. A person must complete Indigenous Competency Certification Program  for admission into post graduate studies.
3. Admission into  some advance study and research programs require completion of pre requisite courses to be eligible.

Online Courses & Programs
System requirements: windows 2000 or higher editions, to learn more about system requirements

All course times are Eastern Standard Time unless otherwise noted

All students will receive their online instructions to enter the class once confirmed for course/ workshops/ programs/ events. Class duration 3 hours

Campus training Programs and Courses
Held @ Yumwija ,West Virginia