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About us

Institute for Indigenous America Studies

Foundation For Indigenous America of Anisazi Heritage

Institute for Indigenous America Studies also known as IIAS is a private educational institution for   the peoples with the heritage of America as the Anisazi ( aka black)  self determination in returning to their inherited natural connection to planetary consciousness”  Earth human consciousness” of Allegiance to Life on Earth and unity with the planet that created them and all planet created  life forms .  The Institute supports the revitalization  of respect by  Amerindian people for their planetary belonging from their  heritage to America  inheritance as the stewards for the eco-biosphere (environment) of America’s by offering Indigenous Traditional Knowledge education and training .

Humble Beginnings

Institute for Indigenous America Studies was created in 2004 by founder Scholar RaDine A Harrison- Pitts. To give instruction towards giving viable knowledge that has been omitted from public education to our reaming indigenous America community about their ancestral heritage connection to life on Earth and the life knowledge need to live with life on Earth. Working with the international community on indigenous issues, Ambassador RaDine learned people without traditional knowledge and culture will not be recognized with fundamental rights inheritance to their place of origin granted by The U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. To start to meet the needs of the international community, Ambassador RaDine started traveling all over the Americas gathering traditional wisdom and living skills, international scholars were sponsored and brought to teach indigenous cultural technology still in use today at our West Virginia Campus. The Indigenous Certification Program expanded from being a weekend program, giving documented details about pre-colonial America and their life covenant culture with America. Into a 40-week traditional knowledge foundation intensive training program.. required by all restraints desiring to be listed with the America Heritage Registry as part of the Anisazi Peoples of America in North America.


Ambassador RaDine A

Scholarly Instruction is taught by Ambassador RaDine A along with scholars from all over the Americas in traditional culture skills and practices and national scholars in colonial history and law.

What is Traditional Heritage or Indigenous education?

Indigenous traditional knowledge education teaches the ancestral heritage concepts towards understanding the order and purposes for human life inheritance. . Indigenous concepts represent the fundamental laws as structure for human development on our planet. Understanding of these basic to complex structural systems maintains the foundation for natural human development, Implementation of these values results in respect for family, community, and sustains the human character development needed to have emotional balance, mental well-being, and productivity from human beings towards the continuation of the development for their humanity as a people and their future generations with and for their section of Earth . Institute for Indigenous America Studies Certification Programs, continuing education seminars and interactive Workshops are available to people who are Indigenous to America and have registered with the Heritage of America Registry .

It is written, ”Traditional knowledge allows one to process information effectively.” - RaDine America

Traditional Knowledge Education benefits

Traditional Heritage education combats quickly and effectively against drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, the cycle of incarceration, child abuse, and many other negative issues plaguing our communities.
All the courses will enable a person to use their wealth of life education and apply it in a context to allow them to become effective change agents for the people now and in the future.

Introduces factual information to give indigenous people of America the references to release/combat the dehumanizing information indoctrinated in the psyche of Amerindian aka black people by mass mis-information.

Students will learn to identify the internalized negative attitudes, propaganda, that create the inferiority complexes which hinders Amerindian peoples from having collective respect for themselves as a collective People’s and actualizing their highest individual good towards the collective advancement of humanity in their home on Earth America.

The certification curriculum is designed to expand the students’ knowledge and competency in the basic understanding of how the past from our heritage has created our present history and expose the positive factors of our collective humanity.

Dr. Hallelujah –Rio-De-Janeiro , Brazil- 2009 Brazilian Indigenous Building Technology

Viable knowledge for viable solutions in the 21st Century!

IAS – Traditional Heritage Education graduate curriculums are designed to address the diverse training needs of human service, community activists, and grass-root organizations.

Program Certification graduates training to become teachers to facilitate presentations to schools after school programs alternative education programs, churches, and human service organizations.

Benefits from training to organization programs; Grass root organizations and human service programs can develop/design new educational formats to implement the Ancestral concepts into their organizational programs.
We at the Institute for Indigenous America Studies encourage all of our students to continue to develop, research and become a part of the educational movement to empower our people with knowledge of SELF as a PEOPLE.

It is written, ” Traditional knowledge allows one to process information effectively.” - RaDine America