F.I.A.A.H Welcomes You to Institute for Indigenous America Studies

faces-of-america-2FIAAH – Institute for Indigenous America Studies is a private educational institution for peoples from the original (indigenous) heritage race of America  aka Negro or black America. .
 The institute supports the people Indigenous to  America  by heritage ( free or in captivity)  self determination in their quest to  returning to their inherited natural connection to planetary” Earth consciousness” by offering Indigenous knowledge education .
 “ Rebuilding our Consciousness, Rebuilding our Culture”
The Institute offers traditional   knowledge from our Amerindian Heritage culture combined with contemporary historical knowledge and research for the past 5000 years of the  indigenous human experience as a integral part of nature with  OUR planet EARTH. . The curriculum allows an  student to articulate the complete picture of our “ Peoples” experience of the past, present, and outlook for the future of our collective viability with Our Earth.